Max 200KN Computerized Electric Universal Material Testing Machine with Servo Motor

Categories : Tensile Machine

Technical Specifications:

Capacity: Max available 200KN
Force Accuracy: ± 1%
Force resolution: 1/300 000 (6-speed full, regardless of file or equivalent)
Cross head measurement accuracy: higher than 0.0025mm
Deformation measurement accuracy: ± 0.5% (range of 0.2-10mm)
Test speed range: 0.01-500mm / min, and stepless speed
Speed control accuracy: ± 1% (0.01 10mm/min); ± 0.5% (10 ~500mm/min)
Constant force, constant deformation, constant displacement control range: 0.2% -100% FS
Test Space: A. stretching space: 600mm B. compression space: 700mm
Pressure plate size: Diameter 100 mm
bending supporting roller spacing: 300 mm
Branch roll width: 100mm
Fulcrum diameter: 30mm
power supply: AC380V ± 10%, 50Hz, Power: 3kW
Dimension: 130 × 650 × 2650mm
Weight: 2000Kg
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