Which are measuring instruments that industrial must have?


Which are measuring instruments that industrial must have?

Which are measuring instruments that industrial must have?

Both of Industrial plants and measuring instruments are pair because of the production process in the industry requires resolution to achieve a standardized value. The main measuring Instruments are used to measure distance, width, length, height, and depth or position determination. Therefore, the basic measuring instruments that industrial must have:

  1. Vernier Caliper

    Vernier Caliper is basic measuring instruments used to measure the opposite side distance. It can measure both straight and cylindrical objects to determine of the thickness, depth and width for the outside. In addition, it can be used to measure the width of the internal of objects.

  2. Micrometer  

    Micrometers or Screw Micrometers is a type of measuring instrument commonly used to measure the length, width or thickness of objects that are small and require resolution. Micrometers have many characteristics base on the needs of users to measure. Most often it is a clamp for the object which has a screw to adjust the width. Furthermore, there is an internal micrometer that can be measure depth.

  3. Height Gauge 

    Height Gauge is a height measuring instrument for modeling or drafting work which the user can determine the point on the distance, size and height on the surface. In the present, the dial gauge has been classified into 2 types according to the working principle which are the analog scale dial gauge and digimatic Indicator. 

All of these are the example of measuring instruments that are important in many industrial factories. Moreover, it is an important force to produce work pieces that are quality and standards.

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