A5 Zoom Stereo Microscope (Binocular)


◆ With Zoom A5(binocular) and Zoom A5T(trinocular); ◆ Brand-new optical design, the best reproduction and true color image; ◆ Kinds of stands and attachments are available; ◆ Applied to modern biology research, semiconductor and the other science and technology industry field to meet high precision requirement.

A5 Zoom Stereo Microscope (Binocular)

Specification : 

ModelBinocular Zoom A5
Objective   0.7x~4.5x Zoom Objective, Zoom Ration 6.4x

High eye-point and wide-field eyepiece WF10X/20mm 

Optional WF15X/15mm,WF20X/10mm and object micrometer is available 

Magnification 7x~45x,it can extend to 3.5x~180x
Zoom DriverHorizontal Axial Driver Control Knobs
Working Distance 100mm(effective distance),it can extend to 30mm~165mm
Microscope Head Binocular Observe Head with 45°incline and 360°rotatable.Interpupillary distance adjustment range 54~76mm with bilateral ±6 diopter
Microscope Holder 

Focus adjustment range 50mm,focusing knobs elasticity adjustable 

Drawtube diameter 76mm 

Microscope Stand

Pillar diameter 32mm and high 240mm

Black & white working board diameter 95mm

Auxiliary Objective0.5X/165mm,1.5X/45mm and 2X/30mm optional

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