TBS-CC Counting Scales


Categories : Counting scales


T-BOSS TBS-CC Counting Scales

  • Resolution: 1/30,000
  • Adjustable the weight in a single range or ranges.
  • Function: HI, LO, OK, Preset Tare
  • Connector to external device up to 4 devices; Ex. Computer, Light Tower, Printer,
    Large Display, USB Disk and export files to Excel, TXT 
  • Signal connector channel by RS232C Interface 


  • The Bureau of weights and Measuring
  • Document Certificate Calibration ISO / IEC 17025 (please ask for information)

ModelCapacityReadabilityPan size
TBS-CC-33 kg0.1 g294 x 228 mm
TBS-CC-66 kg0.2 g294 x 228 mm  
TBS-CC-1515 kg0.5 g294 x 228 mm
TBS-CC-3030 kg1 g294 x 228 mm

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