-High-speed weighing significantly improves efficiency of weighing operations. -Significantly Improved Response Provides Fastest Response Performance in Its Class Advanced digital control technology shortens display response times to about one ninth of previous values when weighing minute quantities, which significantly improves work efficiency.



  • Fast Respones
    Weighing takes just 0.7–1.2 seconds (S type)
  • Excellent Durability
    Long-life design employing a unique weighing mechanism
  • Easy Connection
    WindowsDirect function allows easy data communication to a computer
    - Only a single cable is required to transfer balance data to MS Excel, or other Windows applications.
    - No interface attachment or software installation is necessary. 
    -This unique function makes interfacing Shimadzu balances extremely convenient.
  • GLP/GMP/ISO Calibration Record
    Connect the optional printer to automatically output calibration results.Date and time are supplied by the balance's built-in clock.
  • Backlight LCD
    The backlight LCD display can be clearly read in the darkest of environments.
  • UniBloc Technology
    UniBloc one-piece force cell technology replaces the core mechanism of a high-precision balance with a single aluminum alloy block. This provides a number of advantages, introducing fast response, high stability, and a long operational life.


  • Resolution 1/1,020,000
    High-resolution models with a resolution of 1,020 g/1 mg can accurately detect minute changes in a large mass.
  • Checkweighing Function
    When upper and lower thresholds are set, thebalance indicates if the sample weight is within the range (GO), over (HI) or under (LO).
  • Weigh-below hook
    The standard weight-below hook enables weighing on a user's customized pan.
  • Specific Gravity Function
    The standard speci c gravity measurement calculation function uses the Archimedes principle. Attaching the optional speci c gravity measurement kit allows the balance to be used as a density meter or a hydrometer.
  • Piece Counting
    A piece counting function is standard in addition to various unit conversions.


    • The Bureau of weights and Measuring
    • Document Certificate Calibration ISO / IEC 17025 (please ask for information)

ModelCapacityResolutionPan size
UP223X220 g0.001 g108 x 105 mm
UP423X420 g0.001 g108 x 105 mm
UP623X620 g0.001 g108 x 105 mm
UP823X820 g0.001 g108 x 105 mm
UP1023X1020 g0.001 g108 x 105 mm
UP422X420 g0.01 g108 x 105 mm
UP822X820 g0.01 g108 x 105 mm
UP2202X2200 g0.01 g170 x 180 mm
UP4202X4200 g0.01 g170 x 180 mm
UP6202X6200 g0.01 g170 x 180 mm
UP4201X4200 g0.1 g170 x 180 mm
UP8201X8200 g0.1 g170 x 180 mm
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