Touch Screen Digital Brinell Hardness Tester Vexus SHB-3000N


Model Vexus SHB-3000N Standard GB/T4340、JIS Z2245、ASTM—E92、ISO6507 Certificate CE



The Vexus SHB-3000N is a mechanical and electrical integration product of precise mechanical structure and microcomputer controlled closed-loop system.Loading and unloading test force electrically instead of using the weight. The test force is fed back by a 0.5 ‰ precision pressure sensor. The CPU can control and automatically compensate the test force lost during the test. The indentation can be directly measured on the instrument through a micrometer eyepiece.The test force, indentation length, load holding time, measurement times, conversion scale, date and time can be displayed more intuitively on the large screen. Only measuring the indentation and pressing the eyepiece button,then the hardness value can be calculated automatically and displayed on the screen. The data results can be saved and viewed, or output through a built-in printer. 

◆Product Feature

◆Test range is wider because it has ten levels of test force and can test ten kinds of Brinell scale.

◆The structure is stable because the shell is formed by one-time molding and casting with special sand turning process.

◆The accuracy is high and performance is stable because of the closed-loop sensor with microcomputer control system.

◆Test is accurate because it loads and unloads test force electrically and the CPU can control and automatically compensate the test force lost.

◆ The noise produced during the test is very small, which is suitable for various laboratories.

◆The working efficiency is greatly improved because of using Brinell image measurement system. 

◆Application Ranges

It is not only suitable for hardness measurement of cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metal and soft alloy, but also can be used to determine the hardness of some non-metallic materials such as hard plastics and bakelite.


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