Air Cooling Manual Load Durable Metallographic Hot Mounting Press for Irregular Specimens


Air Cooling Manual Load Durable Metallographic Hot Mounting Press for Irregular Specimens


Model: XQ-2B


Brief Introduction:

iqualitrol XQ-2B is used to do Metallographic Sample mounting, for small, difficult-to-hold or irregular specimens for metallographical test.


It can facilitate polishing and watch properly the ideal material structure and measure the hardness of the material by hardness tester. The inserts for this machine are limited to thermo setting materials only.


The punching temperature of different thermo setting materials can be adjusted depending upon the features of materials .The inserts are available from the sales agency of our company .


Sample diameter22mm (Optional 30mm, 45 mm)
Thermoforming rangesMAX 190 Deg C

Timer range0-30min
heating power800W
Input voltage220V/50HZ/1Ph
Dimension260mm x360mm x450mm
Net weight35kg

Mounting of specimens is usually necessary to allow them to be handled easily. It also minimizes the amount of damage likely to be caused to the specimen itself.


The mounting material used should not influence the specimen as a result of chemical reaction or mechanical stresses. It should adhere well to the specimen, and if the specimen is to be electropolished later in the preparation then the mounting material should also be electrically conducting.


Specimens can be hot mounted (about 150 °C) using a mounting press either in a thermosetting plastic, e.g. phenolic resin, or a thermosoftening plastic e.g. acrylic resin. If hot mounting will alter the structure of the specimen a cold-setting resin can be used, e.g. epoxy, acrylic or polyester resin. Porous materials must be impregnated by resin before mounting or polishing, to prevent grit, polishing media or etchant being trapped in the pores, and to preserve the open structure of the material.


A mounted specimen usually has a thickness of about half its diameter, to prevent rocking during grinding and polishing. The edges of the mounted specimen should also be rounded to minimize the damage to grinding and polishing discs.

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