OHAUS Model SPX-Series


OHAUS Model SPX-Series



Product details
  • Plate is stainless steel, size 170x140 mm.
  • The display screen is a black LCD with white backlight (LCD Backlight) height 20 mm.
  • A total of more than 10 units of g, kg, oz, ozt, dwt, lb, lb: oz, ct, grain, tael (3), Tical, Tola and others.
  • There is a key to press the gradation (Tare).
  • Operate with Touchless Sensor system
  • Count the number of workpieces (count numbers)
  • Insurance money (percentage)
  • Set the weight display and hold (hold).
  • Fat Weight (Accumulation
  • Check weight (Comparator)
  • Automatic machine (Auto power off)
  • Use a bowl of AC Adapter or use 4 C batteries.
  • Waste country products
  • 1 year quality
ModelMaximum CapacityReadabilityDimensions
SPA223220g0.001g202 × 224 × 54 mm
SPA422420g0.01g202 × 224 × 54 mm
SPA12021200g0.01g202 × 224 × 54 mm

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