Drum Scale SDS


SDS Drum Scale

SDS Drum Scale

  • Hight Resolution
  • Two-layer frame, impact resistance and long-term stability
  • Special buffer device to product the load cell
  • Polyurethane roller, for cylinders of different diameters
  • Carbon steel platform : shot blasing, spray paint processing
  • Stainless steel plaform surface is polished and wire drawn
  • Four alloy steel or stainless steel load cells
  • Product warranty with one year


  • The Burean of weights and Measuring
  • Document Certificate Calibration ISO / IEC 17025 ( please ask for information )
รุ่นDrum Scale
Capacity(KG)500 kg600 kg750 kg1000 kg2000 kg
Division(KG)0.05 kg0.05 kg0.1 kg0.1 kg0.2 kg
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