Dial Test Indicators SERIES 513


Dial Test Indicators – SERIES 513-Horizontal Type


Dial Test Indicators SERIES 513


  • Performs easy and accurate measurement of narrow or recessed areas, plus inside and outside diameters that dial indicators cannot access.
  • No-clutch structure for automatic reversal of measuring direction.
  • One-piece bezel and crystal design with O-ring provide resistance to water and dust.
  • The glare-free flat crystal face has a scratch-resistant coating.
  • High sensitivity and quick response because of jeweled bearings.
  • Standard carbide contact point provide.


Order NoTypeGraduationRangeDial ReadingMeasuring ForceAccuracyL
513-405-10EHorizontal Type-Basic Set0.010-0.2mm0-100-00.3N or less3µm14.7
513-405-10THorizontal Type-Full Set0.0020-0.2mm0-100-00.3N or less3µm14.7
513-465-10EHorizontal Type-Basic Set0.0020-0.2mm0-100-00.3N or less3µm14.7
513-424-10EHorizontal Type-Basic Set0.010-0.5mm0-25-00.3N or less5µm22.3
513-424-10THorizontal Type-Full Set0.010-0.5mm0-25-00.3N or less5µm22.3
513-414-10EHorizontal Type-Basic Set0.010-0.5mm0-25-00.3N or less10µm36.8
513-414-10THorizontal Type-Full Set0.010-0.5mm0-25-00.3N or less10µm36.8
513-466-10EHorizontal Type-Basic Set0.010-0.5mm0-25-00.3N or less5µm22.3
513-478-10EHorizontal Type-Basic Set0.010-0.5mm0-25-00.3N or less5µm22.3
513-425-10EHorizontal Type-Basic Set0.0020-0.6mm0-100-00.4N or less6µm14.7
513-404-10EHorizontal Type-Basic Set0.010-0.8mm0-40-00.3N or less8µm20.9
513-404-10THorizontal Type-Full Set0.010-0.8mm0-40-00.3N or less8µm20.9
513-474-10EHorizontal Type-Basic Set0.010-0.8mm0-40-00.3N or less8µm20.9
513-464-10EHorizontal Type-Basic Set0.010-0.8mm0-40-00.3N or less8µm20.9
513-401-10EHorizontal Type-Basic Set0.0010-0.14mm0-70-00.3N or less3µm12.8
513-471-10EHorizontal Type-Basic Set0.010-0.14mm0-70-00.3N or less3µm12.8
513-415-10EHorizontal Type-Basic Set0.010-1mm0-50-00.2N or less10µm44.5
513-415-10THorizontal Type-Full Set0.010-1mm0-50-00.2N or less10µm44.5
513-475-10HHorizontal Type-Basic Set0.010-1mm0-50-00.2N or less10µm44.5
513-426-10EHorizontal Type-Basic Set0.010-1.5mm0-25-00.4N or less8µm22.3



Order NoTypeGraduationRangeAccuracyDial ReadingMeasuring ForceL
 513-402-10E Horizontal Type-Basic Set.0005in 0-.03in  .0005in0-15-0 0.3N or less  19.9
513-402-10T  Horizontal Type-Full Set .0005in 0-.03in .0005in0-15-0 0.3N or less 19.9 
513-472-10EHorizontal Type-Basic Set.0005in0-.03in.0005in0-15-00.3N or less19.9
 513-412-10EHorizontal Type-Basic Set  .0005in 0-.03in .0005in0-15-0  0.2N or less 33.9
513-412-10THorizontal Type-Full Set.0005in0-.03in.0005in0-15-00.2N or less33.9
513-462-10EHorizontal Type-Basic Set.0005in0-.03in.0005in0-15-00.3N or less19.9
513-403-10EHorizontal Type-Basic Set.0001in0-.008in.0001in0-4-00.3N or less15
513-403-10THorizontal Type-Full Set.0001in0-.008in.0001in0-4-00.3N or less15
513-473-10EHorizontal Type-Basic Set.0001in0-.008in.0001in0-4-00.3N or less15
513-463-10EHorizontal Type-Basic Set.0001in0-.008in.0001in0-4-00.3N or less15


Order NoTypeGraduationRangeAccuracyDial ReadingMeasuring ForceL
 513-406-10E Horizontal Type-Basic Set0.0005in 0.01mm  0.03-0.7in
 0.0005in 0-15-0,0-35-0 0.3N or less 19.9
513-406-10T  Horizontal Type-Full Set0.0005in 0.01mm 0.03-0.7in 0-0.7mm  0.0005in0-15-0,0-35-0  0.3N or less 19.9

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