Precision Cutting Machine Model QG-PCB30


Precision Cutting Machine Model QG-PCB30 |

Precision Cutting Machine Model: QG‐PCB30


Brief Introduction:
QG‐PCB30 automatic precision cutting machine adopts the speed regulation motor which drives the belt to control the cut‐off wheel to achieve the effective speed.
With the touch screen control, the display is clear and the function layout is reasonable. The feed of cutting can
be controlled by cut‐off wheel propulsion or by cutting table propulsion according to the different materials or
personal habits, and also it can automatically finish cutting according to the set parameter.
With built‐in independent stainless steel circulating filter cooling water tank, combined with 80% water and 20%
cutting fluid, it can effectively avoid the sample surface heat and prevent rail and ball screw rust.
The machine has safety protection function for opening the cover. The working area is totally enclosed and has a
transparent cover for observation during cutting.
The cutting table can be equipped with different clamping tools which can be freely disassembled and cleaned.
This benchtop cutting machine can be applied to the cutting of PCB plate, metal materials within Φ30mm,
electronic parts and mounting samples, etc. The appearance is beautiful and the interface is easy to operate,
which is the best choice of the small piece cutting.

Technical Parameters:

Cutting MethodManual / Automatic, Spindle feeding or Table feeding
Feed SpeedManual / Automatic1‐36 mm/min (Step 0.1mm/min)
Cut‐off WheelΦ180×0.8×Φ22 mm
Max. Cutting CapacityΦ 30 mm
Max. TravelSpindle travel 140 mm, Table travel 230 mm
Spindle Speed500‐3000r/min
Electromotor Power1.2 kW
Cutting Table245×415 mm, T‐slot 8 mm
Clamping ToolQuick clamp, Jaw height 45 mm; Vertical clamp, Opening 27 mm
Control and Display5.7 inch touch screen
Power Supply220V, 50Hz, 8A
Pump Flow16L/min
Dimensions620×740×380 mm
Net Weight80 kg



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