T7/T7E Platform Scales ZEPPER


ZEPPER T7/T7E Platform Scales




T7/T7E Platform Scales ZEPPER 

  • Capacity 30 kg. - 1000 kg.
  • Can select the coordinates As required Depends on the weighing platform and load cell
  • Display with large red LED system, height 50 mm. (2 inches)
  • The full weight of the container can be deducted (FULL RANGE TARE)
  • Can maintain the weight Which has already been lifted (HOLD)
  • With the function of adding weight to accumulate (Accumulation)
  • Change weighing units such as kilograms (Kg.), Pounds (Lb.).
  • Structure weight display made of ABS plastic
  • Weight checking settings (HI-OK-LO)
  • There is an automatic shutdown system (AUTO-OFF) to save battery. While not in use
  •  Use electricity from a rechargeable battery (Battery can be used for 50 hours / 1 charge) with a charging cable
  • The weighing platform is made of painted steel coated. , Stainless steel cover
  • Product warranty with one year (under normal use)


  • The Bureau of weights and Measuring 
  • Document Certificate Calibration ISO / IEC 17025 (please ask for information )

ModelCapacityResolutionPlatform Size
T7E-30K (EA3040)30 kg.2 g.300 x 400 mm.
T7E-60K (EA4050)60 kg.5 g.400 x 500 mm.
T7E-150K (EA4050)150 kg.10 g.400 x 500 mm.
T7E-300K (EA5060)300 kg.20 g.500 x 600 mm.
T7E-500K (LB6070)500 kg.50 g.600 x 700 mm.
T7E-500K (LB6080)500 kg.50 g.600 x 800 mm.
T7E-1000K (PB8080)1000 kg.100 g.800 x 800 mm.


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