A complex measuring instrument that enables surface roughness measurement and high accuracy contour measurement

Pickup for roughness measurement NEX 001 [E-DT-SS01B]

Detector (pickup) designated for surface roughness measurement.
By combining with linear x drive, it provides excellent reliability.

The specification of the pickup for roughness measurements is 1000 μm.
This detector offers a measurement range of 1000 μm in the Z direction, which is 25% wider compared with 800 μm of common detectors. It has an excellent wide stroke as a roughness measuring instruments. The wide-range measurements significantly reduces the tilt angle of the measurement surface and detailed alignment at the R surface measurements (such as shafts, bearing workpieces).

The newly developed pickup supports high magnification and wide range measurements. The compact body with an outside diameter of 14 mm provides the measurement range of 1000 μm and measurement
magnification of 500,000x.

General-purpose detector for contour measurement NEX 030 [E-DT-CH18B]

Detector realizing highest-in-class accuracy
The measuring force should be adjusted manually with weights.
A newly-developed high resolution scale allows the highest accuracy in this class.

Measuring resolution 0.04 μm (full range)
Indication accuracy ±(1.5 + |2H|/100) μm

High-accuracy detector for contour measurement NEX 040 [E-DT-CH19B]

High-accuracy detector with built-in auto balance (automatic measuring force adjustment) function
The measuring force can be finely specified and controlled on PC software in 2 mN increments. This prevents trace scratches or a broken chip of a stylus tip when it hits a step. Various special arms/styluses are supported to ensure an optimum measuring force.
*An auxiliary weight may be needed depending on the combination of arms and styluses.

Measuring resolution 0.02 μm (full range)
Indication accuracy ±(0.8 + |2H|/100) μm


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