Vertical Non-Contact Video Measuring Machine


KIM-U Series

ARCS Stage

(Vertical) Non-Contact Video Measuring Machine

Brand : ARCS Model : KIM-U Series

Technology Features:

Video System:

  • Navitar Step Zoom Lens-USA Made
  • 1/2" High resolution & high Accuracy CCD - Japan Made
  • Magnification: 0.7~ 4.5 (17.5~112.5x) Zoom lens
    (Optional 0.5x or 2x Objection Lens)
  • Illumination: Adjustable surface and contour Illumination
  • Linear scale:0.5μm on X.Y.Z-axis
  • Length Accuracy: ± (3+L/200) μm on X,Y-axis
  • Repeatability: 2μm on X.Y-axis

Mechanical System:

  • Precision Granite Base
  • Aluminum Working Table
  • NB Guide Ways-Japan Made
  • Screw Friction Drive-German Made


  • Multi-function image measuring software: SI-101

Model No.KIM-2010UKIM-3020UKIM-4530U
Travel Size (X.Y.Z) mm200x100x200 mm300x200x200 mm450x300x200 mm
Stage Size (mm)355x255 mm505x355 mm705x505 mm
Stage Load Capacity25 kg25 kg25 kg
Dimension (mm)563x592x870 mm785x800x900 mm1070x1090x770 mm
Net Weight130 kg185 kg340 kg 


(Vertical) Non-Contact Video Measuring Machine

Brand : ARCS Model : KIM-U Series

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(Vertical) Non-Contact Video Measuring Machine

Brand : ARCS Model : KIM-U Series

Image Measuring Software

The SI software has the user-friendly operation interface for multi-purpose measuring tools. This diverse and convenient gathering tool can conform to many current ways of measuring work pieces in complex industries, which gives the user a fast, accurate, and complete measurement.

SI-101 Multi-function image measuring software

Measuring Functions:

Framing Toolbar:                                                CAD Drawing Toolbar:


Dimension Remark and CAD elementary drawing
Dimension Remark

The measuring tolerance setting function can facilitate the data judgement

Program Guidance:
The user only needs to follow the guidance to finish the measurement. It doesn’t need the special operator.

3-Dimensional Diagram:
The user could depend on the measuring graphic to select the Top View, Front View,
Side View or ISO View.

Easy and Fast measurement function:
The function of Move/Rotation/ Array/Mirror could help the user to measure the complicated
or Multi-entities working piece in short time.

Scan Function:
Post-Process for scan image of points
It could scan the shape of the working piece and correspond to current CAD Reverse Engineering.

Dimension Remark on the image
It could remark the dimension on the image for the complete working piece and save in JPG format.

Customize inspection Report

SPC Report

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