DHB Plus 220 T-SCALE



T-SCALE DHB Plus 220

Model : DHB+-220G Precision balance
Capacity : 220g;
Readabillity : 0.0001 g
Max. Divisions : 2,200,000d.
Display : 17mm digits LCD display with white LED backlight.
Keysboard : 6 Keys (Membrane Keyboard.)
Pan size : φ90mm.
Housing : ABS plastic.
Dimensions : W:230 x L:310 x H:330mm.
Operating Temp. : 10℃~+30℃
Power : Input : AC 100~240V,50/60HZ. | Out put : DC 12V/2000mA.
Out put : DC 12V/2000mA.
Interface : RS232 as standard.
Approx. weight : 3.7 kg

  • Standard Stainless Steel Pan
  • Electromagnetic Force loadcell
  • Die-cast aluminum bootom cover
  • Internal and external calibration selectable

Applications : 

  1. Basic Weighing
  2. Counting
  3. Percentage Weighing
  4. Weighing Units Conversion
Product made in Taiwan
Product warranty with one year


  • The Bureau of weights and Measuring 
  • Document Certificate Calibration ISO / IEC 17025 (please ask for information )
  • Signal connector channel by standard RS-232 Interface to work with computers or printers (optional)
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