JADEVER model JWI-710


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JADEVER model  JWI-710

Bench scales  brand  JADEVER  model JWI-710

  • Can weigh up to 15-3000 kg, 1 g-500g  resolution
  • The weighing platform is made of anti-slip, strong construction size 200x200 cm.
  • The display screen is a red LED 6-digit number, height 54 mm.
  • There is 1 weighing unit, Kg (kg).
  • HI/LO/OK function
  • Can deduct container fees (Tare)
  • Able to count the workpieces (Counting)
  • There is a function of check weight (Check Weight).
  • With automatic closing function When not in use (Auto shut off)
  • The scales are powered by an AC adapter 100V-240V.
  • The printer can be connected via RS232.
  • Use rechargeable (6v/4A) battery size
  • Products made in Taiwan



  • The Bureau of weights and Measuring 
  • Document Certificate Calibration ISO / IEC 17025 (please ask for information )

ModelCapacityResolutionPlatform size
JWI-710-15K15 kg0.001 kg / 1g25x25 cm.
JWI-710-30K30 kg0.002 kg / 2g30x40 cm.
JWI-710-60K60 kg0.005 kg / 5g40x50 cm.
JWI-710-150K150 kg0.01 kg / 10g40x50 cm.
JWI-710-300K300 kg0.02 kg / 20g50x60 cm.
JWI-710-500K500 kg0.05 kg / 50g60x80 cm.
JWI-710-600K600 kg0.05 kg / 50g60x80 cm.
JWI-710-800K800 kg0.05 kg / 50g80x80 cm.
JWI-710-1000K1000 kg0.1 kg / 100g100x100 cm.
JWI-710-2000K2000 kg0.2 kg / 200g120x120 cm.
JWI-710-3000K3000 kg0.5 kg / 500g150x150 cm.


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