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Metallurgical Specimen Cutting Machine Model SQ SERIES


SQ-series Metallographic sample cutting machine is suitable for cutting various metal, non metal material in order to observe the metallographic, petrographic structure. The machine has a cooling device. When using the configured cooling liquid, the heat may be taken away to avoid overheating. It is easy for the user to operate the machine. Therefore the machine is one of the equipment for samples in the factories, scientific research institution and colleges laboratory.


Metallographic Cutting Machine

Product description:Manual Metallographic Specimen Cutting Machine


●Suitable for cutting all kinds of specimens including metallic materials and nonmetallic materials so as to observe metallographic structure and lithofacies structure

●The built-in cooling circuit could help to prevent burning the sample tissue due to overheating durning the cut-off process.

●Quiet convenient , safety and reliable .

●It is one of the specimen-making equipments necessary for metallographical test for Factory ,Researching Department ,College and University Laboratory .


Product NameMetallurgical Specimen Cutting Machine
Max. Cutting DiameterΦ60mmΦ80mmΦ100mm
Grinder SpecificationΦ250mm x1.2mm x32mmΦ250mm x 2mm x32mmΦ350mm x2.5mm x32mm
Rotation speed2800rpm2800rpm2800rpm 
Motor Specification2.4kwY2-1001-2-2, 2.2KWY2-1001-2-2, 3KW
Power Supply3Phase/380V/50HzAC380V/50HZ/3Ph  (Optional AC220V/60Hz/3Ph)AC380V/50HZ/3Ph (Optional AC220V/60Hz/3Ph)
Dimension740 x 620 x 450mm690 x 740 x 670mm690 x 790 x 800mm
Net Weight82 Kg194Kg194Kg
Working Table“T-slot” Working table, Double-driving Vise
Cooling SytleOutside Cooling system


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