Universal Autofocus Video Microscope VM-128


Universal Autofocus Video Microscope VM-128

Universal Autofocus Video Microscope VM-128

Product Feature :

  • The integrated design of autofocus and zoom, eliminating the need for time-consuming and laborious frequent focus adjustments;
  • Hight working distance, large field of view, up to 28x zoom ratio;
  • Equipped with a high-definition HDMI camera, directly connected to the monitor for taking pictures or videos;
  • Cast iron base, rust and wear resistant metal column, aluminum alloy crossbar with rack and pinion telescopic adjustment;
  • With universal support, expand the operating range, can be any direction to observe objects, three-dimensional sense of strong;
  • 4K HD image quality with true color reproduction;
  • USB output video resolution, supporting up to YUV 4K@20fps;
  • Rich output interfaces and control interfaces, supporting multiple control infaces such as mouse and keyboard;
  • Equipped withj adjectable dual fiber optic light source, independent control of light brightness;
  • Optical magnification 1x~28x, digital magnification 1x~3x, support digital magnification.


Specification :

CommodityUniversal Video MicroscopeWorking Distance (mm)
Article Code #451-128
Digital MagnificationZoom ratio 1x~28x
Optical Magnification1x~3x
Camera ParameterSensor TypeColor CMOS
Effective Pixel8 Million Pixel
Target Surface Size1/2.8
MenuFull Digital UI Design
Display Frame Rate4K@20fps/1080P@50fps
Scanning MethodLine by Line Scanning
White BalanceManual / Automatic
Exposure MethodManual / Automatic
Electronic Shutter Speed1/50s(1/60s)~1/10000s
Working Distance10cm~∞
MenuFull Digital UI Design
Storage MethodPC-USB
Working PowerDC12V
Output MethodUSB/Web Port/HDMI
Vertical Column Height380mm
Horizontal Movement235mm
Application IndustrySMT,PCB,BGA,etc

Working distance to Zoom Ratio :

Magnification (zoom ratio)FOV (100mm Working Distance)FOV (300mm Working Distance)

Standard Configuration :

Instrument mainframeVM-128Power adapterDC12VMouseWireless

Optional Accessories : 

Commodity Code #
0.5X accessory objective lens423*053
Double Fiber Optic Light Source SLG-20413-228
2X Accessory objective lens423*203
Color CMOS camera484-121
17"HD LCD484-465
Certificate of conformity / Warranty Card / Packing List / ManualVM-128
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