Advanced Functions and Superior Operational Ease.

ACCTee Measurement & Analysis Software
ACCTee is surface texture and contour profile measurement and analysis software with enhanced operability. Provided with wizard modes for easier operation, as well as a variety of support functions such as "AI function", "self-diagnosis function" and "peak and valley detection function", ACCTee makes all measurement tasks easier and more efficient.

AI Function (Roughness)
The AI function automatically sets the measurement conditions and executes measurement.

Automatic Operation Teaching/Playback Function (Roughness/Contour)
This function automatically stores measurement and analysis procedures in the memory, including tracing driver and column movements. This enables CNC measurements to be performed.

Dimension Line Display Function (Contour)
This enables dimension lines to be drawn on the diagram along with actual measured values for parameters and geometric deviation.

Built-in Shape Merge Function
The profile synthesis function eliminates the analysis range limitation created by the stylus angle (contour).

With normal measuring systems, limits are imposed on the measuring angle by the detector stylus angle. ACCRETECH has solved this problem by synthesizing the data for two profiles.


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