Stepless Speed Double Disc 250mm Automatic Grinding And Polishing Machine


Stepless Speed Double Disc 250mm Automatic Grinding And Polishing Machine ,


HMP-2A double disc automatic grinding and polishing machine which integrates pre-grinding, grinding and polishing.


By using single-chip microcomputer technology to control through touch screen, grinding disc is driven by DC brushless motor, V belt is driven, grinding head is driven by stepping motor, synchronous belt is driven by stable rotation, low noise, long life, safety and reliability.


With its own cooling device, the sample can be cooled during grinding to prevent the failure of metallographic structure due to overheating of the sample.


It is an ideal choice for metallographic sample preparation equipment in factories, scientific research units and laboratories of colleges and universities.Technical Specification:

Product ModelHMP-2A
Number of grinding discs2
Grinding disc diameter250 mm
Grinding speed100-1000rpm, Quick setting 300, 500, 800, 1000rpm
Rotating direction of grinding discclockwise or counterclockwise
Grinding head motorBrushless motor 1100 W
Grinding head speed20-120 r/min
Direction of rotation of grinding headclockwise
Grinding head motor power200W stepper motor
Timing Adjustable0-99min
Pressure modeSingle point pneumatic pressure
Pressure0-60 N
Sample holder quantity6
Sample gripping specification30mm, (optional 22mm, 45mm. support customized)
Power supplyAC220V/50Hz/1Ph
Shape dimensions475*660*710 mm
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