iUTM-1171 Single Column Electronic Tensile Testing Machine with LCD Controller


iUTM-1171 Single Column Electronic Tensile Testing Machine with LCD Controller

Detailed Product Description
Capacity:1 - 500Kgf (Selection)
Effective Load:Range 1~100%F.S
Test Stroke:Max 650mm
High Light:

material testing instruments,material testing apparatus

Load Accuracy:Superior To ±1.0%
Test Speed:Range 15~500mm/min
Force Unit:Kgf, Gf, N, KN, Ibf

Product Information:

tensile test machine apply to the rubber and plastics, paper products, packaging printing, adhesive tapes, luggage bags, textile, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, wire and electronic industry.

Can test a variety of materials and finished products, semi-physical properties, buy a variety of different fixture to do tensile, compressive, and pull hold, holding pressure, bending, tearing, peeling, adhesive force, shear force test.


Model NoiUTM-1171
Capacity1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500kgf (Choose one)
DisplayPT-330 force & extend display
Load Accuracy

Superior to ±1.0%

Load Resolution1/10,000
Effective Load Range


Accuracy of Deformed Value DisplaySuperior to ±1.0%
Test Speed Range15~500mm/min, can be setting.
Test Max. StrokeMax. 650mm, (lengthen type 1000mm) not include griper
Effective Test SpaceFront and Rear 120mm
Unit Switch

Kgf, gf, N, kN, Ibf

Force Unit Switch

MPa, kPa, kgf/cm2, Ibf/in2

Deformed Unit SwitchMm, cm, in
Stop ModeUpper and lower limited security settings, emergency stop button, program force & extend setting, specimen damaged sensor.
Special Function

Able to display and output test results, can do sustained tension and continuing pressure test.

WeightAbout 75kg
MotorAC motor
Power Supply
1PH, AC220V, 50/60Hz, 10A or assign
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