600KN Universal Material Testing Machine iUTM‐4605


600KN Universal Material Testing Machine iUTM‐4605 

Application ::

Universal Material Testing Machine makes using of fuel tank mounted under the host and mainly used for tensile, compression, bending and shear tests of metal or non‐metallic materials. 

It is suitable for metallurgy, construction, light industry, aviation, aerospace, materials, universities, research institutes and other fields. Specially for Metal Steel Wire Tube Plate Rebar Testing, Test operations and data processing meet GB228‐2002 "metal materials at room temperature tensile test method" requirements. 

Testing Software:

Testing software can conduct tensile, compression, bending, shearing, tearing and peeling test; use PC and interface board for data collection, preservation, processing and printing test result;  

It also can calculate max force, yield strength, average peeling force, max deformation, yield point, elastic modulus and other parameters; can conduct curve graphics processing, multi‐sensor support, video and image interface, flexible data processing, MS‐ACCESS database support, making more powerful function of system.

Maximum Test Force600 KN
The Measuring Range of Test Force20KN – 600 KN
Force Accuracy± 1%
Displacement Measurement Resolution 


Deformation measurementThe standard configuration for the gauge length 50mm, the maximum deformation of 10mm. 
Deformation Accuracy

± 1%

Pistons Maximum Speed80mm/min
Maximum Tensile Test Space500mm (including the piston stroke)
Maximum Compression Space500mm (including the piston stroke)
Flat Specimen Clamping Thickness2‐30mm
Round Specimen Clamping Diameter 

Ø 13‐ Ø 40mm

Pressure Plate Diameter


Clamping MethodHydraulic clamping
Sensor and Amplifieroil pressure sensor, plug in a PC programmable amplifier, automatic zero adjustment, calibration 

Host: 940×650×2190mm

Oil Source: 1180×540×910mm

Machine WeightHost: 2400kg; Oil source: 250Kg
Power SupplyAbout 57×47×120cm(W×D×H)
Machine weightabout 70kg
Power Supply
2.2kW /AC380V
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