Tensile Bending Tearing Single Column Material Testing Machine


Capacity 200Kgf Tensile Bending Tearing Single Column Material Testing Machine Stroke 650mm

Product Overview:

iUTM-1171B material testing machine is suitable for testing of metal, rubber, paper, plastic color printing packaging, adhesive tapes, bags handbags, textile, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, electrical, electronics and other industries.

It can be used for various materials, semi-finished products and finished products, such as tests of tensile, pressing, bending, folding, cutting, tearing, stripping


1.Elegant appearance design, dynamic type by advanced spray processing aluminum alloy column;

2.Precision transmission mechanism - the use of high precision, no clearance of the ball screw in a timely manner as a guarantee of the accuracy of the transmission system;

3.Advanced control method -- the computer data acquisition and motion control;

4.Powerful software function Windows operating system under the full open test software, the user can use the existing software to complete almost all the mechanical test items, but also according to their actual needs to edit the test method. Test results can be shared with the vast majority of automated office software such as Office;

5.High test precision accuracy, better than level 1 force measuring accuracy and 1 / 200000 force value resolution, the deformation measurement resolution can reach in 0.0001mm.

6.New interface design, reserved metal extensometer, displacement encoder and large deformation of two extension interface device, convenient for customers to choose.

7.Human nature control mode - in the full computer control operation on the basis of the manual control box can also be selected to achieve the purpose of operating the instrument.
Product modeliUTM-1171B
Capacity selection2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200kgf
Measurement and control softwareWindows Under the platform
Accuracy of measurement

Be better than±1%(GB-1Level accuracy)

Force resolution1/200,000
Effective range of measurement


Deformation display accuracyBe better than±0.5%
Deformation measurement resolution0.0001mm
Test speed range10~500mm/min,Can be arbitrarily set
Test maximum strokeMaximum 650mm (extended 1000mm, need to be customized), no fixture
Effective test space

Diameter 120mm range

Unit switch

A variety of measurement units, including the international unit

Stop modeUpper and lower limit safety setting, emergency stop button, program strength and elongation setting, test piece failure
PowerStepper motor driver
Standard configurationStandard fixture1,Pay, 1 sets of software and data lines, power supply line 1, CD 1 CD-ROM operating instructions, product certification 1 copies, 1 copies of product warranty card
Optional configurationBusiness computer desk, color printer 1, all kinds of test fixture
Machine sizeAbout 57×47×120cm(W×D×H)
Machine weightabout 70kg
Power Supply1PH,AC220V,50Hz,10A Or specify

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