เครื่องวัดชิ้นงานแบบฉายภาพแบรนด์ ARC รุ่น iVS Series


แบรนด์ ARC รุ่น iVS Series

คุณสมบัติด้านเทคโนโลยี :

  High accuracy and excellent repeatability

  • High depth of field, low distortion double telecentric lens, no need to repeat focus.
  • Software processes the image by the way of Sub-pixel edge detection and automatic removal of burrs and the least-square method to ensure accuracy.

   Friendly operation

  • Automatic location and orientation correction, automatically detect and measure based on the recorded shape of the sample, measure with a click of button.
  • Entire image, no need to move the working stage, both high efficiency and high accuracy.
  • Improve efficiency, save labor cost, eliminate operator error.

   Quality Control and Statistical Control (SPC)

  • Automatic memory and output measuring values, and make test data simple applied,

Technical Specifications:
Lens0.3X Double Telecentric Lens0.17X Double Telecentric Lens0.088X Double Telecentric Lens0.088 Double Telecentric Lens
Working Distance110 mm110 mm120 mm390 mm
Wide FieldØ 30mm(28x24)Ø 60mm(56x50)Ø 116mm(94x76)Ø 229mm(146.7x110)
Measurement Accuracy±2um±3um±4um±7um
Repeatability Accuracy±1um±2um±2um±5um
Camera2/3" 5 million pixel B/W camera (Ethernet)
IlluminationDigital controls, automatic memory
Telecentric Green LED Contour illumination
Ring White LED illmination
PC SystemDELL (I5 intel processors)
MonitorBuilt-in 10.4 inch LCD Monitor(1920*1080)
External 21.5 inch LCD Monitor(1920*1080)
Measuring SoftwareiMeasuring 2.0
Measuring AmountMax.99
Test Time<5S (Less than 100 tests)
Output dataTest data, reports, determine the results (OK, NG, WAIT), etc
Function2D measurements: points, lines, circles, arcs, angles, distance, oval, O-rings, Groove, rectangle, parallelism
Auxiliary FunctionIntersection, parallel, perpendicular, tangent, bisection.
Geometric TolerancesDimension tolerances and position tolerances, tolerances of form and position (Point position concentricity, straightness, parallelism, roundness, straightness, profile, etc)
Measurement ModeManual / Automation
SPC Data Management and Control
CAD Data Input / Output
Power SupplyAC100~240V,50~60Hz



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