ACCRETECH RONDCOM TOUCH : เครื่องวัดความกลม

Able to select data processing device
3 types of data processing devices (Desktop PC, Laptop PC and Tablet PC) are available. You may select which device to use depending on the usage or installaion space.

All Necessary Icons on One Screen

ACCTee, roundness measurement and analysis software highly reputed for its operability, was modified to be used exclusively for RONDCOM TOUCH. The operation was made smoother by integrating the icons necessary for measurement and analysis into a single screen.

Class smallest design that uses the world first column moving type structure (patented)

It uses an original column-moving structure and arrangement of the X-axis behind the base has realized a compact design, making it the smallest-in-class.

๐ Width: 320 mm (49% less than conventional model)

๐ Height: 500mm (22% less than conventional model) 

๐ Fottprint: 50% less than conventional model

Also, since the Z-axis column can be moved to the left and right, it is possible to access the workpiece both from the right and from the left.


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