Computer Color Matching Software Brand CHNSpec


Computer Color Matching Software

CHNSpec Color Matching SoftwareColorist Color Matching
It can provide several formulas and user canchoose the formula according to cost and stockCan only provide limit color formula
Color and formula can be saved into data, saves labor cost and guarantees production stabilityColor formula is unstable and relies entirely on the experience and level of the colorist
Simple operation and quick to get startedColorist needs long training time, slow start, low color matching efficiency and longer time
Electronic sample data and formula dataColor swatch, sample and formula can not store for long periods of time
Precise formula and high efficiencyNeed adjust serveral times during color matching, takes long time, high cost, and low efficiency
Waste and old materials can be used which saves a lot of costA large amount of waste and old materials accumulated in the production process cannot be fully utilized

Color Matching Steps


  • Solve color matching problem for customer to improve production efficiency
  • Provide software customization services to meet user's customization needs
  • One year warranty for spectrophotometer and software 
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