Color Density Meter แบรนด์ CHN spec รุ่น Exact


Color Density Meter Exact

Product Features

  Design for Print Industry

Color density meter is a good performance measuring device to measure color density CMYK (A, T, E, M), dot increase / dot area, overprint rate, print contrast, gray level, hue error. It supports 20 kinds of color indices and 26 kinds of illuminants.

  Auto Calibration

It adopts auto calibration technology to realize real-time calibration for easier operation.

  Small Aperture

4 mm aperture to measure smaller size.

  Connect with APP to extend more functions

Instrument comes with free software to save test result and establish personal color library.

Technical Data

Color Spaces and Indices

Reflectance, CIE-Lab,CIE-LCh, HunterLab,CIE-Luv.XYZ, Yxy,RGB,Color Difference(AE*ab, AE cmc, AE*94,AE*00) WI(ASTM E313-00, ASTME313-73,CIE/ISO AATCC, Hunter, TaubeBerger Stensby), YI(ASTM D1925, ASTM E313-00 ASTM E313-73), Blackness Index(My,dM). Color Fastness, Tint(ASTM E313-00), Color Density CMYK(A,T,E,M) Metamerism Index Milm, Munsel, Opacity,Color Strength, dot increase/dot area,overprint rate, Grey Level

Light SourceLED (Full Wavelength Balanced LED Light Source)
Test Aperture4 nm
Wavelength Interval
Wavelength Range400-700 nm
RepeatabilityΔE≤0.1 (when a white tile is measured 30 times at 5-second intervals after calibration)
Inter-instrument AgreementΔE*00 < 0.4 ( BCRA Series II, Average measurement of 12 tiles) 
Measurement Time1.5 s
InterfaceUSB, Bluetooth



Observer2°, 10°
Display ScreenIPS Full Color Screen (screen resolution 135*240,1.14 inches)
BatteryRechargeable, 10,000 continuous tests
CalibrationAuto Calibration
LanguageEnglish and Chinese
Software supportAndriod, IOS, Windows
WeightAbout 90g
Instrument SizeDiameter 31 mm, Height 102 mm.

Application Example

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