Baty SM350 Profile Projector


เครื่องวัดชิ้นงานชนิดแสงเงาแบรนด์ Baty รุ่น SM350



จากแบรนด์ Baty รุ่น SM350

This vertical 350 mm / 14" screen bench projector features a large, heavy duty high precision workstage with 250mm x 125mm measuring range and 0.5 micron resolution. Another feature is the option of a three lens turret for instant lens changes without re-calibration.

คุณสมบัติด้านเทคโนโลยี :

  • Fully usable 350mm screen
  • Digital screen protractor
  • Built in helix adjustment
  • Sturdy all-steel design
  • Heavy duty cross roller bearings
  • Quick release ‘X’ and ‘Y’ travel
  • Easy-view vertical screen
  • Large stage travel 250mm (10") x 125mm (5")
  • Rotating chart clips
  • Fibre optic illumination for surface measurement
  • 0.5 micron resolution

Code No.DescriptionFunctions
SM350-FT2-EVertical projector with Fusion 2D touch screen DRO & optical edge detectionWindows 22″ touch screen with full reporting
and optical edge detection
SM350-FT2Vertical projector with Fusion 2D touch screen DROAs FT2-E without edge detection
SM350-XLSVertical projector with Acu-rite DC102
Basic X, Y and rotation measurement
SM3.50-GXLVertical projector with Quadra Chek 2023
touch screen readout
Geometric measurement functions and tolerancing
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