GLOBAL Advantage


Advanced Measurement Solution for Large Components

GLOBAL Advantage ( CMM )

     The GLOBAL Advantage coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is optimised to measure large dimensional components with complex geometries in the automotive, aerospace and industrial machining industries. By utilising the versatility of the CMM, you can remove the bottleneck within the quality department and enable faster part setup for large complex parts.

      The combination of high machine dynamics (speed and acceleration), optimised motion control algorithms, advanced software, thermal compensation and a wide variety of probe configurations make the GLOBAL Advantage ideal for the dimensional inspection of components with tight tolerances and complex geometries and free-form surfaces such as large valves, gears and gearbox components.


  • Designed for Stability
    When purchasing a coordinate measuring machine, manufacturers need to be confident that their system will last for the long term. The all-aluminium ultra-rigid frame of the GLOBAL Advantage provides optimum stiff-to-mass ratio for unquestioned precision and long-term stability. 
  •  Versatile Sensor Configuration
    When creating an inspection plan for parts varying in complexity, feature characteristics and material types, manufacturers require a solution that is both precise and versatile. The GLOBAL Advantage CMM supports multisensor technology in a variety of configurations to suit different material types and feature characteristics. Whether you are looking for a more precise fixed probe head such as the HP-S-X5-HD or use an indexable probe head such as the HH-A 2.5 HD to reach more positions on the part, the GLOBAL Advantage can efficiently address the challenges. For even more access to hard-to-reach features, both probe head configurations are compatible with extension probes ranging from 750 mm up to 800 mm.
  • Integration-Ready
    Purchasing a CMM is an investment and manufacturers need to be prepared for the future. The GLOBAL Advantage CMM is accessible from four sides to ensure easy integrability with part loading/unloading systems. Furthermore, the system can be integrated with an automated loading/unloading system or supplied with specific fixturing, ensuring you are prepared for what lies ahead.
  • Take the PULSE of Your Environment
    Running part programs on large complex components take time. Having control of the environment surrounding your CMM during the entire measurement cycle is essential to obtain accurate measurement results the first time, every time. With added protection from pollution and dust, advanced temperature compensation algorithms and an optional environmental monitoring system, the GLOBAL Advantage CMM gives manufacturers confidence that their system is in optimal performance. 
  • Use Software to Embed Quality Across the Organisation
    The right metrology software gives manufacturers the tools necessary to easily create and execute measurement routines and communicate the results quickly and effectively. PC-DMIS has over 20 years of built-in expertise enabling manufacturers to capture and share quality information seamlessly across the organisation and through all phases of production. For more demanding applications such as the inspection of special or complex geometries or challenging data evaluation, the powerful QUINDOS software with its range of specialised modules offers the sophistication required by the most advanced metrology user.


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