Bore Gages SERIES 511 Mitutoyo


Bore Gages SERIES 511


Bore Gages
For easy and accurate measurement of inside diameters

Bore Gages 

• Longer plunger stroke with no affect on accuracy.
• Carbide is used for the contact point ensuring high durability and wear resistance.
• This model reduces the influence of heat from the operator's hand by 50% by increasing the grip size and making the grip hollow-structured, thereby retaining high-accuracy measurement.
• Alternative indicators may be used in place of those recommended*.

* Some indicators and protection covers cannot be used with these bore gages. Contact a Mitutoyo sales offce if considering the use of dial or digimatic indicators other than the recommended models.
• Optional extension rods can be attached for measuring deep holes. (For details, refer to page C-36.)
• A Bore Gage Checker and a range of Setting Rings are available to aid in accurately setting a gage before making a measurement. (For details, refer to pages C-35.)


Technical Data

  • Accuracy: Metric models 2μm Inch models .00008"
  • Repeatability: Metric models 0.5μm Inch models .00002"
  • Adjacent error: Metric models 1μm Inch models .00004"


Notes: 1) A 50mm sub-anvil is supplied with 511-703, and a 75mm sub-anvil is supplied with 511-706.
2) It is not permissible to use a sub-anvil other than as supplied as a standard accessory, or widen a measuring range by using multiple sub-anvils. (The measurement accuracy in such cases is not guaranteed.)


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