ไมโครมิเตอร์วัดภายนอกความละเอียดสูง HIGH-ACCURACY DIGIMATIC MICROMETER SERIES 293




Order No. Range Resolution Accuracy* Anvil / spindle faces Mass
293-100-100-25mm0.0001mm / 0.0005mm

* Excluding quantizing error ±1 count

Inch / Metric

Order No. Range Resolution Accuracy* Anvil / spindle faces Mass
293-130-100 - 1”

.000005” / .00002”
0.0001mm / 0.005mm


* Excluding quantizing error ±1 count

 Technical Data

  • Measuring force: 7 to 9N
  • Power supply: Lithium battery (CR2032) x 1
  • Battery life: Approx. two years when used under normal conditions
  • Preset (ABS measurement system):
    The measurement origin can be preset to any value within
    the display range for convenience in measuring.
  • Zero-setting (INC measurement system):
    The display can be zeroed at any position of the spindle,
    making comparison measurement easier. Returning to the
    absolute-measurement mode is easily accomplished.
  • Hold:
    The displayed value is held while the spindle is withdrawn
    and the micrometer moved so that the display can be
    read at the operator's convenience. After cancelling the
    hold, the instrument returns to the previous measuring
    mode (absolute or incremental).
  • Resolution switching:
    The resolution of the display can be switched. If 0.1μm
    measurement is not required, the resolution can be
    switched to 0.5μm.
  • Function lock:
    Functions such as preset or zero-set can be locked to
    avoid inadvertently changing the origin position.
  • On/off:
    The power can be turned off after measurement is
    complete. Even after the power is turned off, the origin or
    last zero-set position remains in the memory.
  • Auto power off:
    Even if the power is left on, the power turns off automatically
    if the micrometer is not used within a 20-minute period.
    Measurement data output:
    Measurement data can be output, allowing easy
    incorporation of this instrument into a statistical process
    control or measurement system.
  • Error alarm:
    In the unlikely event of a display overflow or calculation
    error, an error message is displayed and measurement
    stops. Measurement cannot continue until the error is
    Also, if the battery voltage drops below a certain point,
    the battery indicator will turn on before measurement
    becomes impossible, warning the user that the battery
    needs to be replaced.

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