Digital Micro Vicker Hardness Tester


Digital Micro Vicker Hardness Tester MicroVicky VM1010A

Vision Vicker Hardness Tester

Digital Micro Vicker Hardness Tester MicroVicky VM1010A


  • Carburized layer,ceramics,steel, non-ferrous metals, thin plates, metal flakes, electroplated layers, small specimens.
  • Gradient measurment of nitride layer, forest carbon layer and quench hardened layer.


  • Color touch screen.Auto hardness conversion to other scales.
  • Gradient test can be preformed,and the depth of hardened layer can be automatically calaulated.
  • With data viewing functions, data can be printed via Bluetooth.
  • Automatic loading,dwelling,and unloading during the testing process,simple operation, no human operating error.
  • Upgraded manual lifting system on the side of the worm gear,and the screw has no gap.
  • Upgraded optical system with clear image of indentation,and improve the accuracy of the measurement.
Technical Specification: 
Product Name Digital Micro Vicker Hardness tester
ModelMicroVicky VM1010A
Numerical input methodManual
Lens and indenter switchAuto Turret
Loading Force (N)0.098,0.246,0.49,0.98,1.96,2.94,4.90,9.80 N
Loading Force (gf)10,25,50,100,200,300,500,1000 gf
Dwell Time1-60s Adjustable
Loading ControlAutomatic
Magnification100/40x (500x customizable)
Minimum measurement unit0.025 um
Analogue X-Y AnvilSize : 100x100 mm      Travel : 25x25 mm
Max. Height of specimen90 mm
Instrument Throat120 mm
Dimension (L x W x H )425 x 245 x 530 mm
Packing Dimension500 x 490 x 720 mm
Net Weight55 Kg
Gross Weight70 Kg
Power SupplyAc220V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Executive StandardISO 6507, ASTM E 92, GB/T4340.2

 Standard Delivery :

Code Commodity
823-401Vicker Indenter
823-611Vickers Hardness Block (700-800 ) HV1
823-621Vickers Hardness Block (400-500 ) HV0.2
823-711Flat Clamp
-Adjusting screw
823-931small spirit Level
823-30110x Eyepiece
823-311Objectives 10x
823-341Objectives 40x
823-701X-Y Anvil
823-911Anti-dust Cover
823-901Accessories Box
823-801Power Cable
823-761Flament Clamp
823-751Thin-piece Clamp

Optional Accessories :

Code Commodity
821-811Video Measuring Eyepice
Digital Micrometer Head
VicPadVickers Measuring Pad
823-741Irregular clamping table
823-821LCD Monitor
-Tablet adapter 
iVicky 2.0Vickers Measuring Software
823-471USB CMOS Camera
823-361Camera Adapter
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