Coating Thickness Gauge TG-200

Measuring Method
Magnetic Induction Method
Measuring the thickness of 
non-magnetic coating on
magnetic metal matrix
Such as chrome aluminum, iron, alloy and hard magnetic steel on enamel, rubber, paint, plastic, 
copper, aluminum tin, powder synthetic materials, chromium Lead. Phosphide layer of tin. 
Cadmium oxide ceramic .. etc. 
covering layer of conductive or non-conductive does not matter, it just needs to be the non-magnetic.
Magnetic Induction Method
Measure the thickness of
non-conductive coating of
non-magnetic metal matrix
Such as copper, aluminum, tin, non-magnetic stainless steel, gold, enamel on silver, rubber, paint,
plastic powder synthetic material. 
Oxide layer and so on. Overlay can only be an insulating layer, can not conduct electricity.

Introduction :

• TG-300 Coating Thickness Gauge is a magnetic and non-magnetic and dual-use 
equipment with a wide range of use.
• The technical parameters are of full compliance with national standards.
• This instrument is magnetic, eddy portable coating thickness gauge, the application 
of dual-function measurement technology, can automatically identify magnetic and 
non-magnetic substrate, and then use the appropriate test method for 
a variety of measurement environment both for the laboratory and 
engineering field. The instrument can be widely used in manufacturing, 
metal processing industry, chemical industry, commodity inspection and testing fields. 
It is a l essential instrument to material protecting field.
Specifications :

-  Two measuring methods: magnetic induction (F) and eddy current (N);
-  Fast recognition identification of iron matrix non-ferrous matrix;
-  Fast, non-destructive and accurate coating and plating thickness measurement;
-  Two calibration methods: Single-point and double-point calibration;
-  The basic calibration method can be used for probe system updating error 
correction to ensure the accuracy of the instrument in the measurement process;
-  Negative display function to ensure the accuracy of the zero-point calibration of the
instrument, improve test accuracy;
-  Operation process has buzzing reminder
-  Manual or automatic shut down.
-  Battery voltage indication: Low Voltage indication;
-  Micro-power design, in the standby state is less than 10 micro amps;
-  Measurement Method : F magnetic induction eddy NF.
Integrated Dual Coating Thickness Gauge TG-300

Product Introduction :

TG - 400 coating thickness gauge is a widely used amphibious equipment for magnetic 
and non-magnetic testing. Its technical specifications are in full compliance with national 
standards.It is a kind of portable coating thickness gauge with both magnetism and eddy current, 
which can test the coating and layer thickness quickly , precisely and without damage. 
It can be used in both laboratory and project site. TG-400 can be widely used in manufacturing, 
metal processing industry, chemical industry, commodities inspection, and other areas of the testing. 
It is a necessary instrument for the material protection.

Product Features :

-  Applies magnetic and eddy current thickness test methods. 
It can not only test non-magnetic covered thickness in the magnetic metal, 
but also magnetic covered thickness in the non-magnetic metal:
-  Automatically identify ferro matrix and non-ferro matrix;
-  Single-point calibration and two-points calibration can be applied;
-  use basic calibration method to update and correct probe system error, 
ensure measuring accuracy;
-  negative display function, to ensure the accuracy of the instrument zero point calibration, 
improve the test accuracy;
-  operation process have hum tip;
-  two shutdown mode: manual shutdown mode and automatic shutdown mode;
-  battery voltage indicator: low voltage tip;
-  micro power design, less than 10 micromaps of current in standby state .
-  measurement methods: F induction NF eddy current.
      Coating Thickness Gauge TG-400